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6:26Race Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
25:36F1 LIVE: French Grand Prix Build-Up!
F1 LIVE: French Grand Prix Build-Up!Ogledi 485 tis.Pred dnevom
2:46FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixOgledi 795 tis.Pred dnevom
7:02F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
2:39FP2 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP2 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred dnevom
2:57FP1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixOgledi 2,1 mio.Pred dnevom
17:03Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 French Grand Prix
Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 French Grand PrixOgledi 287 tis.Pred dnevom


  • Mazepin did it again :D

  • Give Raikonnen a better car, he's prolly a better racer than Bottas at this point

  • Great lap - its scenario 7.

  • El duelo senna prots no habra mas en la f1 impresionante

  • Dayuummm we miss Cyril's humor!


  • other drivers:"WRITE THAT DOWN"


  • Can we get the same for RedBull and Verstappen at French GP?

  • Dude that Norris one was intense!!! Hope he’s ok now /s

  • 👍

  • Where is Hamilton and Bottas? Also Vettel?

  • RB strategy ON POINT!

  • It's going to rain

  • Latifi it is like in the tunnel than the french Gp

  • Alpha should bring back Alex..

  • nice to see max verstappen still a crybaby like this in 2021, was mad with q3 in Baku as well, I can't believe people hate so much on Lewis, and praise max so heavily, when max is clearly a flog!

  • But to see team of ffernando alonso and vettel ...we hopefuly to see better f1 race in tge future... Great job red bull racing and honda

  • This is the guy who said VER is overrated after Brasil 2016....

  • Trulli and Hamilton mega races from the back of the field

  • I have now become speed

  • My 2nd favorite track on the calendar

  • 0:27 I can't stop listening it!

  • team sport

  • Bottas angry .... He know they gonna kick him out for mercedes 😀

  • 00:39 i felt his emotions

  • Is it just me who is distracted by the chroma key glitches on his dark top? Try adding film grain to hide it :)

  • Who's commentary is this?

    • Sounds like Martin brundles son or something

  • I wonder what Hamilton 'learned' about Max this week. That he is going to end his career maybe? Batter his legacy? Hamilton has the worst mind games since Kevin Keegan 🤣🤣

  • Man i never been so interested to listening to this guy. What a guy!

  • Who is here after watching Max win the French GP?

  • Max Verstappen ...amazing

  • 1:55 look at Hulkenberg😂

  • That looks fast with such an "old" car

  • I miss that rainbow thing

  • Absolutely incredible race. This season has been what most people have been waiting for for the last 4-5 years. It’s been epic. Especially since it’s been a chess game with strategies and beautiful driving.

  • The ambitious double relatedly chew because roll scully trap lest a overjoyed stage. historical, poised nancy

  • Leclerc is something else

  • I hope Max wins in French

  • Did eny one notice 4:39 wing pop up

    • @Hemanth S rb is leading in rear wing fkexing so im not sure

    • @Morfeusz I felt it little bit more noticeable in merc

    • Every areo part flexes mercs flexes a little

  • Scenario 7 baby!!!

  • Lando VS Landobot

  • Both drivers? It's the same driver :D

  • Hamilton: "it's hammer time". Verstappen: "it's mjolnir time!!"

    • hahaha like! Thor: "For I am Mightty" Max:

  • .

  • what a move from Seb

  • F1 TV the worst thing that happened to me regarding watching F1.

  • Does anybody else love that rb nose?

  • Did you see those nerves on Hamilton's head? Clearly they're nervous and stressed this year, Red bull giving them a real challenge this time

  • Feels super narrow. Only 1 realistic breaking zone at the end of the back straight. Any reason why Tilke likes counterclockwise street circuits? Singapore, Baku and Miami, all counterclockwise

  • I really miss the rainbow on mclarens halo. It looked lit 😍

  • Oh thank goodness, I thought you guys forgot about Lando and Daniel

  • Vettel was keeping up with Norris on harder tyres.

  • Get in there Max!

  • Who is hire for intro

  • I'm only excited when Sebastian win.

  • Funniest joke is him saying Max is on back of the grid

  • Im fascinated

  • Leclerc is something else

  • You can't beat the t-cam view of an F1 car, best view in sport.

  • 10:10 that was the most friendly team I ever heard. "It's ok as long as you are ok, we are here to learn"

  • everybody gangsta till max starts speaking enchanting table

  • If the FIA ever lose the job of regulating F1 they could all get jobs as civil servants in various government departments. Or even better in Brussels - measuring the angle of bend in bananas or something.

  • probably the most un-pg f1 video i’ve seen🤣

  • Who won in French?

  • cheater red bull

  • Can you make one of these with Nikita Mazepin? ...... oh ..... ne- never mind ....

  • anybody else notice how Max always does these nice wheel spins just before finishing? So cool

  • 直線の速さは大事だねー

  • I always come back to this video purely for “He won in spa! HE WINS IN MONZA!”

  • this power sentence from checo after letting max thru "lets get them" - big oooph lovely see him improving

  • Add Singapore 2017 start carnage

  • The great lap was driven by L4ND0BOT

  • well, the days when mercedes could cruse from victory to victory are (hopefully)'s pedal to the floor this year.....and yes....merc is cracking under pressure...great stuff...:-)

  • 3.315❤

  • Great Vid!