NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon On His Love Of F1 And More | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

Objavljeno 9. jun. 2021
A very special guest on this week's podcast - NASCAR legend and motorsport icon Jeff Gordon! He discusses his love of F1, how close he came to joining the F1 grid, the differences between F1 racing and NASCAR, his friendship with Lewis Hamilton and more...

Topics in this episode:
0:00 - Even to a NASCAR champ, F1 cars are something special
7:27 - ‘Mindboggling!’: when Jeff drove an F1 car at Indianapolis
16:56 - How close did Jeff come to an F1 race drive?
24:51 - Jeff on Jimmie Johnson’s ‘tough’ switch from NASCAR to IndyCar
30:00 - Could Jeff’s friend Lewis Hamilton win in NASCAR?
35:34 - ‘Confidence, humility and work ethic’: how to be a ‘serial winner’
40:13 - Like Hamilton and Rosberg? Jeff’s rivalry with teammate Jimmie Johnson
45:29 - Who’s the best driver Jeff ever raced against?
56:52 - Why Jeff’s loving Red Bull vs Mercedes in 2021
1:03:31 - Tom reads your messages about Roberto Moreno’s emotional Beyond The Grid interview

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  • There's an alternate universe where Jeff Gordon went to Formula One

  • What a likeable person, had great pleasure listening to this podcast and to this interesting man, thanks!

  • Actually Jimmie Johnson is the Lewis Hamilton of Nascar, he won 5 straight championships and has 7 total

  • Who Think Jeff Gordon might come to Do you Formula One and race for a couple races who knows

  • You won another Jeff … they changed the rules of racing on you.

  • Remember, the car is heavy!

  • Imagine Jeff Gordon on red bullll

  • I was a jeff Gordon fan but when he retired I just moved to f1. Even today in every racing game my number is 24

  • Wow 700+ CONSECUTIVE race starts... incredible.

  • *MY CHILDHOOD* Playing Jeff Gordon XS Racing. Still this day is my favourite games ever.

  • I love F1 and NASCARs relationship!!

  • When both worlds collide....

  • a podcast on SLflow...WHAT!?!

  • nope jeff is the 2nd greatest racer in nascar dale was the greatest ever

  • He is the man to take over Haas team.

  • NASCAR's Greatest Road Racer. Jeff Gordon!

  • Has Jeff made the switch, he definitely would have been successful. He pretty much dominated the field at road courses his entire career.

  • I did a pit walk before a race at PIR a few years ago. Every NASCAR team has a tv on their pit box and they were all watching that morning's F1 race before their event, it was really cool to see the appreciation they had for F1.

  • legend

  • Its so cool to see the only NASCAR driver I really like is into F1

  • A line up of Stewart and Gordon or even Jimmy Johnson would be quite the threat to any team currently.

  • Maybe Gordon replaces bottas at AMG in 2024?

  • Jeff Gordon picking NASCAR over Indy car was huge.

  • Great interview of the GOAT of NASCAR.

  • The NASCAR driver that have driven F1 cars were always more amazed at how well the breaks worked rather than the HP.

  • At the very least, F1 should have Jeff on as a guest broadcaster sometime for a Grand Prix

  • You know he loves the sport when he doesn't want to stop talking about it

  • Jeff Gordon will forever be the GOAT

  • Dissowned by official Belgian, your wife will be saying WUK Jeff ;)

  • So you’re telling me it’s not that hard to drive an F1 car?

    • He said it was easier to drive than a Cup car because it did everything he wanted it to do. But he also said he wasn’t pushing the car to it’s absolute limit and that it takes incredible skill to even find an F1 car’s limit.

  • Jeff was lovin talkin about f1

  • I often viewed Jeff as an F1 driver amongst his NASCAR peers..... Truly feel like he's THE most talented driver ever in NASCAR..... And no, I'm not at all a Jeff Gordon fan.....

  • "My neck couldn't handle it" Jeez...

  • Indy car is so much more fun and entertaining to watch.

  • I wish that every F1 Grand prix would be as exciting as Baku. Unlike last race Monaco.

  • Legend!!!!

  • Never forget, Gordon would have 8 championships if they never changed the point system.

    • @Jimmy Roberts sometimes we have had the guy that would have won in the old format win in the the playoffs. Kyle Busch in 2019

    • But at the same time, credit needs to be given to Jimmie Johnson for having figured out the system better than anyone else. I think that he would have pushed a lot more and won more races if he had to. But he didn't have to. Also: he won championship with multiple different points systems.

    • Excellent point. That's why there's a part of me that views Matt Kenseth as the last true champion in 2003.

  • I really hope he becomes an American ambassador of sorts for F1. I love it but it just isn't as popular stateside and I have no one to talk to about it

  • Hendricks Motorsports has 600 employee's that's big for a stock car operation. Impressive

  • I was preparing for a whole bunch of NASCAR hate comments. Glad to see none here so far

    • @McLarenMercedes I fully agree. Motorsport is Motorsport at the end of the day. Sure the vehicles, tracks, technology, and rules might all vary but it’s still racing at the highest level of those specific types of Motorsport. I respect it all doesn’t mean I have to bash anything with no knowledge of the person or type of racing that they’re in

    • Hate comments are 90% kids, 9% bitter folks with other issues and 1% may have something valid or interesting to say. There's enough hatred and disrespect directed towards motor racing in general so the way I see it's quite sad to to see all this bickering within ourselves when there should be mutual respect. A lot of people still claim that "motor racing kills people" yet we see a lot more deaths in baseball where 4-5 kids die each year due to head-injuries whilst playing the game and over 100 equestrians (horse riders) die every year from head-injuries.

  • It's a pity we didn't get to see Jeff Gordon competing in F1, but for those who look up his record in NASCAR, his career was amazing. :)

  • imagine if we had a combination of Stewart-Haas and Hendick combined to make a competitive American F1 car

  • I really wonder sometimes how different things would have been for both sports if Jeff Gordon jumped ship. All of those things that he did later in his cup career would have never happened. What would have happened in F1? Would he have gone back to stock cars or stuck around?

  • I started watching F1 last year and I'm just completely fascinated by it. I'm American btw and 26. I watched NASCAR growing up but F1 has taken my heart in the racing entertainment. The first driver that caught my eyes were Lando Norris and Max Verstappen. I love seeing the under dogs win and seeing the process from the bottom to the top.

  • Jimmie Johnson is the “Hamilton” of NASCAR - please interview him! As a side note - imagine if Hendrick got into F1, I’d love that.

  • The only driver in the modern Generation to ever shared a track with Richard Petty himself

  • BUY HAAS!!!! bump this comment up to the top my friends!!!!!! BUY HAAS! Lesss Goooooo! Come on everyone spam the comments with me!! GET THIS TO THE TOP! Gordon Buy Haas!! Show Gene how its done!

  • I really hope Jeff gets a team in F1 or becomes a part of it somehow. I am from the US so I might have bias, but during the pandemic and such, I've become more in love with F1 because of the cars and overall the entire scene. I do love NASCAR because the winners aren't always the same (like it almost always is in F1), however the F1 cars just excite me more. If anyone follows NASCAR and knows Chase Elliot, my favorite driver for the #9 NAPA car and on Jeff Gordon's team (Hendrick Motorsports), he is probably the best road course driver around. I'd LOVE if Chase gave F1 a chance in a blue and yellow NAPA F1 car at least in some of the sprint races where stuff doesn't count.

    • Want different winners check out Indycar this year. 7 races and 7 different winners. 4 of which were first time winners.


  • I honestly believe Gordon would've been a great F1 driver if given the chance. Who knows, he could've been the first American born F1 driver to win a race since Peter Revson in '73.

  • Amazing interview. Loved every moment.


  • Love this and Jeff Gordon! Hoping for a F1 race in California soon!! :D

  • Not a fan but Kyle Busch could replace a number of F1 drivers right now and be quicker within 3 races. kyle larson as well

  • I Saw Jeff gordon in the movie ''Herbie''(2005), i saw this guy is TOP⬆ on the tracks! 🏎🏎🏁🏁

  • I'm surprised Jeff didn't have more to say about Rick Hendrick.

  • Mario Andretti is the Americas GOAT. No debate required. Killed it in multiple championships.

  • I like bringing in guest from other racing categories to broaden our horizons and maybe chip away a little at the sense of superiority in the F1 community that F1 is definitely and absolutely the best racing series and nothing will ever come close to that. This way of thinking can be so limiting to our passion for motorsports. And when you really branch out a little to drivers who haven't quite made it to actually racing in F1, may I suggest Dario Franchitti and Sam Bird? Or maybe drivers formerly in the Red Bull programme who didn't quite get their shot. And JEV would be interesting to hear from, especially how he went from being dropped by Red Bull/Toro Rosso to Formula E and become a double champion there. And I would be super interested in Sebastien Bourdais who suffered a similar fate at Toro Rosso, but had a lot of success in Indycar. There are just so many people who had there hearts broken in F1, but prospered in other racing categories that are more of level plain field between teams and competitors

  • Had to do a double take seeing Jeff Gordan's face on the Beyond the grid podcast. But this is exciting.

  • Would love to see more driver cross over such as Montoya from Indycar to F1 to NASCAR and endurance racing. Kimi to NASCAR. Now recently Grosjean to Indycar. Like the old F1 drivers who would cross over to race in different series.

  • A great episode, I’d never heard of this test before. Listening to him reminded me of Valentino Rossi’s test with Ferrari. I think that it’d be awesome to have ‘the doctor’ as a guest one day!

  • Imo Jeff Gordon is the most talented driver in American racing history. One of the only stock car drivers who could easily hop into an F1 or Indycar and be successful.

    • Him and Stewart could jump in anything and get a hang if it within 1 hour.

    • @Brett fair point

    • @Simone Burini true both are very natural drivers but imo Gordon was just different. The way he came in and flipped the entire sport on its head was crazy. NASCAR would’ve never became as mainstream without Gordon. He was the sports fist marketable driver.

    • AJ Foyt and Mario Andretti (even if he wasn't born in the US)?

    • Agree. I would also put Tony Stewart as a close second. Indy Racing League and 3X NASCAR Cup Series champion.

  • Great podcast!! : D

  • I never thought of a Nascar driver on BTG. What's next Barack Obama?

  • It's too late for him do do it now but I wish he had of done it. F1 history may look very different if he did.

  • I may be a new F1 fan but I consume ALL of it. I watch every practice and qualifying and plan my days around a race weekend. Really loving the sport. Even try to educate myself on the engineering involved but it's quite a learning curve.

  • I would love to see at least two American drives in F1. I believe they have so much pure talent even without F1 preparation infrastructure in the US.

  • Mr. Gordon would be most welcome at the helm of a new F1 team.

  • Next time: Scott Dixon

  • "Stock cars do everything you want them to do. Formula 1 cars do everything you WISH they could do, and then some."

  • He woulda been America’s best choice for F1

  • I think Chase Elliott should look into F1. I think he is one of the best right now on road courses and could move that over to the f1 world.

    • What I find interesting is that Jeff Gordon said he didn't grow up road racing. With Chase Elliott there's people like his dad Bill that have said he doesn't know where Chase got that road course talent from. They both became great road racers despite not being brought up in it.

  • lets be real here....f1 would be nothing without tom and beyond the grid.

  • Jeff has always been such an outstanding driver and seemingly a really, really nice guy.

  • If you wanna be accurate, he was really the Sebastian Vettel of Nascar and Jimmy Johnson was the Lewis Hamilton He’s a legend and would’ve won more championships if it wasn’t for Jimmy Johnson being more of a legend, just like like Vettel and Hamilton

    • Jeff Gordon knew how to turn right. Jimmie Johnson not so much.

  • I have the honor of going to school with his son

  • Very surprised and proud there isn’t tons of unnecessary hate for nascar in the comments :D Nascar isn’t even that bad I don’t understand all the hate

  • NASCAR got me to F1 so happy to hear this

  • I'd love to see Junior on the podcast at one point, or Daniel going on his podcast for that matter. Nascar is way more technical and legit then most f1 fans give it credit for. Sincerely, a european F1 and newbie Nascar fan!

  • Seeing this reminded me of Jimmie Johnson's video on how Indy ignited a passion for F1 inside him... Also, in Top Gear's S18E02, Juan Montoya said that to drive, obviously nothing on earth is like a Formula 1 car. But these (NASCAR cars) are a lot more unpredictable... F1 is certainly the most prestigious racing competition in the world, but NASCAR is equally brilliant in its own way. And please do not start a debate between the two now...

  • We need a beyond the grid episode with Hélio Castroneves, the guy just made history last week winning his 4th indy 500, i'm sure it will be a great episode!!

  • Great one !

  • well in 2003 they had traction control but i think in 2005 they took it if im wrong correct me pls.

    • TC's been an off and on thing throughout the years, since 2008 it's been banned

  • Jaffa Gorfon + Jedde Gerden = Goodbye Jeff Gordon.

  • That was a great chat with Jeff! Can you do a podcast with Nigel Stepney next?

  • Jeff named many teammates and competitors but didn’t have the respect to name his 1996 Winston Cup Championship winning teammate, Terry Labonte? Is he bitter he was beaten by a “one armed man in a backup car”?

    • I noticed the same thing. When I was a kid Terry and Bobby Labonte were my favorite drivers. I was biased. Being a proud Texan I picked them because they were from Corpus Christi, Texas. Plus I liked the Tony The Tiger car as well as the Corn Flakes car.


  • As an American fan of F1, this was awesome. On a side note this season is terrific so far!

  • Jeff Gordon is one of the greatest drivers ever. A phenomenal talent who would have succeeded in any series in any era.

  • My favourite NASCAR driver of all time

  • Love the details on braking and even a mention to trail braking

  • We need an American driver and more importantly an American world champion lol

    • @John Vaughan also they have to be part of a driver academy to be seen a legitimately talented, we do not need another mazepin rich dad scenario but American

    • @NavyGhost24 ya that’s mad true. It’s a combination of factors

    • @John Vaughan I feel like that is due to the financial difficulty of racing in Europe

    • @Eduardo Calvillo ya you right, they only mostly care ab nascar and Indycar

    • We have 2 canadiens , Lance and Lafitti, Americans are under rated. I feel like Americans drivers don't care about F1

  • One of the greatest drivers to grace a track and a great guy all round.

  • this just makes me want to hear more from both Jeff and also Jimmie also Tony Stewart about their car swaps

  • Been waiting for this never knew it would come!

  • imagine if he took the f1 route instead of nascar

  • Appreciate Tom's work in this episode. Jeff started off the episode in media mode, but Tom quickly managed to break open that shell.

  • Jeff Gordon was hated when he got to Nascar. He wasn't a southern boy like the rest of them.

  • Doesn’t get up at 3am to watch F1. Smart. I wish I was as smart as Jeff Gordon. LOL

  • Coming around the final turn they'll remember his name jeff Gordon the winner of the inaugural brickyard 400